Prof. Ronald Poppe

Professor Ronald Poppe studied German Filology. On top he has the universitary diploma of Finance and Accountancy. In Belgium he has been appointed accountant by The King.

He started his career in Gulf Oil as Budget Manager. After 5 years he switched to ITT where he was responsible for the large overseas investments. Later ITT was taken over by Alcatel. Professor Poppe stayed another seven years at Alcatel as a Financial Engineering Manager. There he was responsible for valuating enterprises and trying to find cheap financing in order to pay the takeover amount. Amongst other he created Mietec , a chip company and he took over ACEC, an electical equipment producing enterprise.

Ronald Poppe is Professor at several Universities such as the Erasmus University in Rotterdam where he teaches ‘Advanced Finance’ , at the University of Brussels where he teaches Financial Engineering, and several other.

The long list of the companies he gave seminars for is Swissair, Alusuisse Lonza, Johnson Controls, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Novo Nordisk, Partek, ING Bank, DHL, GDF Suez, Recticel, Siemens, Barco, etc.

He has been teaching as well in the USA as in Agentina and Brasil and especially in China and Singapore. He is also very well known in the seminar business in The United Arab Emirates. As from 1996 onwards he became President of The Gelana Finance Group. A Group specialised in Training, consulting, takeovers of companies.

The innovation that Gelana Finance realised in E-learning in order not to become become one of those many companies selling E-learning is the fact that their E-learning modules are given live with a Professor who is explaining the student the problem in depth just as if he was in a real seminar room with other students. If you want to see module one of his film click here